MetLife Pet Insurance partnered with Association of Animal Welfare Advancement

MetLife Pet Insurance has partnered with the Association of Animal Welfare Advancement (AAWA) to enhance support for pet owners in managing the care of their animals.

The partnership focuses on creating educational content that tackles key issues such as barriers to veterinary care and includes launching the MetLife-sponsored Golden Beagle Award to recognize innovative contributions in animal welfare.

Brian Jorgensen, Head of Pet Insurance at MetLife, highlighted the critical support animal welfare organizations offer to needy animals and praised AAWA’s enduring commitment to these groups (see Global Pet Insurance Market Review).

MetLife’s partnership aims to overcome the financial and logistical challenges pet owners face in securing medical care for their pets.

MetLife Pet Insurance partnered with Association of Animal Welfare Advancement

The initiative will explore the obstacles that pet owners encounter, like financial limitations and geographic constraints, which can restrict access to veterinary services.

Through various channels including podcasts, blog posts, and newsletters, MetLife Pet Insurance and AAWA will provide useful insights, promote innovative solutions, and support advocacy efforts for legislative changes that could ease access to pet healthcare (see What Does Pet Insurance Cover and Not Cover?).

The partnership will introduce the Golden Beagle Award at the AAWA conference in November 2024.

This award will honor an animal welfare organization that has innovatively helped large breed dogs find homes, providing the winner with $20,000 to further their efforts.

MetLife Golden Beagle Award

“Access to care is a critical issue facing animal welfare organizations and pet parents alike,” said Jim Tedford, President and CEO of AAWA (see Cost of Pet Insurance).

We are pleased to be working with MetLife Pet Insurance, a market leader, to identify potential obstacles to providing care for pets and spotlighting both potential solutions and actions being taken to address this issue.

Jim Tedford, President and CEO of AAWA

“An essential part of MetLife Pet Insurance’s mission is helping pets find and stay in a home that is right for them,” said Jorgensen. “The organisations we will recognise with the Golden Beagle are doing important work in finding homeless pets their forever homes and we are excited to showcase and support the good they are doing in their communities.”

The MetLife Golden Beagle Award is an initiative sponsored by MetLife Pet Insurance as part of its collaboration with the AAWA.

The award is designed to recognize and honor innovative animal welfare organizations that are making significant contributions to the industry, particularly those improving the lives of larger breed dogs.

Nataly Kramer   by Nataly Kramer