Sertis, a MGA specialising in property owner coverage, sequred $3.2 mn

Sertis, a Managing General Agent specialising in property owner coverage, has sequred $3.2 mn in a funding round.

The funding was led by JLL Spark Global Ventures, with notable participation from BrokerTech Ventures and InsurTech NY.

Established in 2022, Sertis boasts of its proprietary risk assessment technology, which leverages “millions of data points” gathered from a digital property management platform.

This technology enables Sertis to provide precise risk assessment, leading to accurate pricing and coverage for its clients.

As an MGA, Sertis acts as an intermediary between insurers and clients, possessing the authority to underwrite policies, set premiums, and handle claims, but it does not carry risk itself—this risk is assumed by the insurer (see Rankings Insurance MGA Groups Worldwide).

Sertis, a MGA specialising in property owner coverage, sequred $3.2 mn

Currently operating in 34 states, Sertis offers a range of insurance products including multifamily property, general liability, and equipment breakdown coverage. Notably, all policies offered by Sertis are backed by Accelerant, adding an extra layer of security and trust for policyholders.

Commercial property owners that work with Sertis can finally be rewarded for the technology they deploy in the form of greater risk protection and lower premiums

Ajey Kaushal, investor at JLL Spark

At JLL Spark, a core piece of our evaluation criteria is a company’s ability to drive a demonstrable ROI for their customers – that answer has never been clearer than with Sertis.

Sertis provides comprehensive insurance products tailored specifically for property owners, covering a wide range of needs from basic structural damage policies to more complex packages that include liability, loss of rent, and contents coverage.

The typical clientele for Sertis ranges from individual residential property owners to commercial and industrial property operators.

This funding round validates our innovation, strategic business model, and vision to deliver a stable and affordable multifamily insurance market and continue to strengthen our relationships with top brokers and independent agencies nationwide.

Mark Gardella, CEO of Sertis

Utilizing advanced data analytics and risk assessment tools, Sertis offers customized insurance solutions that meet the specific needs of property owners, taking into account factors like property location, type, and usage.

Its use of technology and strong partnerships with insurers enable it to offer superior service and competitive products. As property risks evolve, Sertis’s innovative approach ensures it remains at the forefront of the insurance industry, providing security and peace of mind to property owners.

Peter Sonner   by Peter Sonner