Tier 2 Consulting partnered with UK-based Insurtech Artificial:io

Tier 2 Consulting, renowned for its expertise in agile software development, has forged a partnership with Artificial:io, an innovative UK-based Insurtech at the forefront of automated underwriting technology.

As the first integration partner of Artificial:io, this alliance promises cutting-edge solutions and transformative advancements for insurance providers and policyholders alike.

With over two decades of experience in delivering tailored solutions within the London Insurance Market, Tier 2 will assist commercial insurers and brokers in seamlessly incorporating Artificial platform features into their current systems and infrastructure.

Tier 2 will deliver bespoke functionalities to meet customers’ unique needs, offering comprehensive analysis, development, and support services.

Paul Thorp, Head of InsurTech, Tier 2 Consulting

Having worked with the Artificial team and used their technology over the last 24 months – including integrating with their services, such as Contract Builder, Quote and data ingestion APIs.

Paul Thorp, Head of InsurTech, Tier 2 Consulting

Tier 2 has developed of ‘TradEd’, an innovative digital platform designed and built exclusively for Tier 2 customer, Ed Broking.

‘TradEd’ – since renamed ‘Trade’ – has redefined the function of wholesale brokers, setting the stage for cost-saving opportunities for carriers while simultaneously enabling Ed to optimise and streamline their commission processes.

Tier 2 is poised to deliver more innovative platforms tailored to customers in this new partnership with Artificial.

David King, Co-founder and CCO, Artificial

Their long standing relationship with Ed Broking and their knowledge of the sector allowed us to turn ambitious ideas into a successfully executed project, and they were a crucial catalyst in bringing it to fruition.

David King, Co-founder and CCO, Artificial

With Tier 2 Consulting’s extensive industry experience coupled with Artificial’s expertise, this partnership promises to revolutionise solutions for the insurance industry.

Artificial Labs is a technology provider for the Lloyd’s and London market. Insurtech work with commercial and specialty insurers and brokers to facilitate algorithmic placement of risk, backed by a powerful contract builder and augmented underwriting platform.

Peter Sonner   by Peter Sonner